Please note that when we enable the 1 Loyalty Cost for Revives in Alliance Wars for Season 34, they will not be visible from the screen that appears when you choose to Revive or Heal a Champion from the Fight Screen.

You will be able to purchase Revives from the Loyalty tab in the Store Menu.

Namor bugged - not gaining outrage against bleed immune champs

NitoNito Posts: 68
edited August 2021 in Bugs and Known Issues
Namor is not gaining outrage stacks each time he strikes a bleed immune champion with a medium attack, as he is supposed to. They just build up normally and slowly. I wanted to use him for the SOP finale, but not worth it now. Can someone at Kabam look into this?

I’m playing on iPhone 8plus. Tried it against dark hawk in the SOP finale, and numerous duels against robots. It’s broken


  • AndroggsAndroggs Posts: 107
    Namor cannot gain outrage on failed bleed attacks against robots. Check out his kit. States it in there.
  • QuattrucciQuattrucci Posts: 160 ★★
    Working as intended. Try reading champs abilities in depth.
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