My SoP run, maybe help for anyone out there!

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Hey guys, so I think Sop was really fun, for me this was so much more fun than say the GM's gauntlet just for one reason, the fact that each path had only two fights was amazing, I did some of tries before I actually run the path cause I was practicing and looking for the cheapest way to explore it.

So based on my roster this was my plan and items used (know that I have 6.4 fully explored so GM is not problem at all for me).

Emma Frost - Ghost -> This was a fun line, I decided to do it tech so I tried starky but since I haven't used him in a while I just couldn't get the solo on emma, so I used guillo 2099 (5 stars r5 - no suicides), soloed emma (a few tries were needed) and soloed ghost too. GM was a long fight and took 3 revives.

SymSupreme - Ghost -> This was the easiest one, iHulk (6 stars r3 - no suicides) got me both solos and Gm took 2 revives.

Venom - Adaptoid -> This was also a easy line, I decided skill so I used Stealthy (6 stars r3 - no suicides) and did both solos, GM took 3 revives, this spider is so fragile.

Mr Sinister - Adaptoid -> Also an easy line, mystic path just like Brian Grant, used to Dr. Doom (6 stars r3 - no suicides) and did both solos, GM took one revive.

Darkhawk - Rogue -> This was tricky, I had to do it with a cosmic so I used Corvus (6 stars r3 - suicides on) DH cost me two revives but also gave me 2 charges, Rogue cost me two revives too. GM was kind of tricky, this was my first run so it took 6 revives on GM, my memory wasn't as fresh as I believed.


Mysterio - Rogue -> I was afraid about this the most but it ended up not being that bad. Apocalypse (6 stars r3 - no suicides) did the job, mysterio solo (I used him also on the mysterio week) and rogue cost me 3 revives (I used him as legacy did). GM cost me one revive, this is a long fight but Apocalypse is so tanky he just wanted to die.

And that's that.

It was really fun and I think it helps a lot with your skills, someone who does SoP and has some act 6 o 7 to explore, would be just fine.

I pulled a Mr. Negative from a featured crystal so I also leave here one video of him against Sym Supreme, it's a fun fight so maybe you guys want to check it out. Mr N is just r1!


Farewell my friends.
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