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Questing team of 5 moved to 6

Ace2319Ace2319 Posts: 236 ★★
edited August 23 in Suggestions and Requests
We all know you start the game with your questing team having just a few slots available and you have to level up to unlock all 5. If Kabam ever raised the level cap and added a 6th champion slot how would you guys feel?

Personally I think this could be fun and allow some new synergy combinations. It could potentially hurt newer players if they farmed xp until they hit the level requirement without doing more challenging content to improve their skills. To avoid this they could make it a reward for completing/exploring act 6/7 or possibly 8. The 6th slot could also only be allowed in act 7/8/whatever and above.

Not saying this is something we should have, just wanting to know your thoughts and feelings on it.
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  • BuffBeastBuffBeast Posts: 1,057 ★★★★
    Could possibly be too much.
    Not only could you get all 6 classes, you could cover way more ground with just a 6th champ. Imagine quake, Shang chi, warlock, corvus/Hype, mags and doom on one team. The firepower that one team has could most likely clear lots of content. There’s lots of other combinations, but that’s just an example. Or you could tag along that ONE synergy champ who usually would feel like a waste of a slot. Not to mention clearing content would be that much easier/faster
  • Malreck04Malreck04 Posts: 1,391 ★★★★
    Too much big content has been released for this to be implemented now. Rewards might be nerfed and what not
  • Ace2319Ace2319 Posts: 236 ★★
    Yeah it would be a lot for all the current content. If they made act 8 insanely hard maybe it would balance it out more but I’m assuming it will be hard for 6* r4 values anyways so 6 would be a bit much. Maybe they do this instead of 7* lol
  • Ebony_NawEbony_Naw Posts: 2,558 ★★★★★
    edited August 23
    If possible, I wouldn’t mind a synergy slot, but it complicates things. Content is currently built and geared toward the 5 slot team. If we add a slot, Kabam is going to make paths harder by adding additional counter specific champs and/or nodes. They would have to. Evolution isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but we could never see the content we have now with a 6th member simply because it wasn’t designed for that.

    Doesn’t mean I’m not curious. Ultimately, it’s a cool idea but I would ask Kabam to tread very carefully before ever bringing such a thing into the game and consider all aspects of balancing it would require.
  • DualityCopeDualityCope Posts: 323 ★★★
    Nah it would be too OP
  • Colinwhitworth69Colinwhitworth69 Posts: 3,754 ★★★★★
    They did all the switch out nodes in act 7 so you get to choose a sixth attacker but only as a replacement for one.
  • DawsManDawsMan Posts: 1,809 ★★★★
    If they did a limited time event of long content (like grandmasters gauntlet) they may be able to give us extra slots.
  • ErcarretErcarret Posts: 1,147 ★★★★
    I don't want 6 slots, but I could see 5 slots with 3 dedicated to actual fighters and 2 for synergy support. Take Beast, for example. He is a trash champion that is a part of a huge number of great synergies. He can be valuable to bring along but honestly I never do because I hate to bring along dead weight. However, if he just took up a synergy spot, it wouldn't matter if he was a trash champion. He'd be there as a synergy piece, which is all he's useful for anyway.

    That being said, I'd rather they just buff him or any other "just a synergy piece" champ instead. I don't really want to give them an out for keeping them in a trashy state.
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