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Act 5 chapter 2 completion without 5*

CotziCotzi Posts: 127
So my team is: quake (r3), corvus glaive (r5), havok (r4), spiderman stark enhanced (r5), doctor doom (r5) is it enough to complete act 5 chapter 2? Any tips would be appreciated


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    Warlord5386Warlord5386 Posts: 245 ★★
    It's very much possible to complete it given your current roster. That being said if you have more 4* R5 or a 5* R4 it would be much easier and cheaper.

    I completed 5.2 years ago with only 3 4* rank 4's and rest of them were 4* rank 3s. It's definitely possible but could cost you a bit. Especially collector.
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    demonslayer5demonslayer5 Posts: 158
    it is possible with corvus and spidey on your team
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    demonslayer5demonslayer5 Posts: 158
    once u reach the collector just revive spidey and corvus
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