Known Issue: She-Hulk and Superior Class Champions Bug [Updated]


Please note that there is currently a visual bug with She-Hulk where her ability Champions of the “Superior” Class (eg. The Collector, Grandmaster, and Nameless Champions in the Summoner Showdown qualifiers) are not registering as having a Class Advantage.

This is giving She-Hulk an unintended advantage in the Summoner Showdown qualifier rounds. This has not affected the outcome of one of the Qualifiers yet. While this is unintended, we will not be taking actions against any players that used this method, and wanted to let all players know this issue exists, as to even the playing field.

We will be looking into this bug further, and addressing it, but not until after we have completed the Summoner Showdown Qualifiers.

Update: The bug is with the description of She-Hulk's ability, not with how She-Hulk is behaving. The description should read "If the Opponent is not a Skill Champion, She-Hulk refreshes the duration of all of her personal Passive Fury Effects" instead of what it does today.
We will update this in the future.
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