ghost rider buff idea

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ghost rider sucks but i think he has a lot of potential to become much more useable like his cosmically inclined counterpart

passive: judgements

different combo attacks place different judgement debuffs on the opponent.

4th light attack: place a power siphon debuff on the opponent lasting 7 seconds and draining 100% of power gained during its duration and granting it to ghost rider

2nd medium: place a bleed debuff dealing 100% of attack rating over 7 seconds

charge heavy attack: place a penance debuff on the opponent, granting ghost rider 100% of damage deal to the opponent back in health once this debuff expires. duration 10 seconds

on activation all special attacks: place a fate seal debuff on the opponent preventing the opponent gaining any buffs for 10 seconds

special attack 1: last hit places a falter debuff on the opponent causing all incoming attacks to miss, this falter lasts 5 seconds and begins paused

special attack 2: last hit places an incinerate on the opponent dealing 150% of attack over 7 seconds

special attack 3: place a death stare debuff on the opponent, granting any buff gained by the opponent to ghost rider for 10 seconds

judgement debuffs gain +20% duration for each fury on Ghost rider maximum bonus 150%

all judgments are removed from the opponent and converted into fury buffs if the final hit of the heavy attack lands whilst the opponent is not stunned

bonus judgement effects

if a judgment is placed whilst no other judgements are active that judgment will gain a bonus

4th light: power siphon debuff also passively drains the opponent by 10% of a bar every second

2nd medium: bleed debuff becomes a critical bleed and gains damage based on crit damage rating multiplier

heavy charge: penance debuff deals passive damage to the opponent equal to 10% of Ghost riders attack per second

special attack 1: 3 falter debuffs are placed one is unpaused for every hit missed

special attack 2: all the final fire hits deal incinerate debuffs

special attack 3: buffs gained also have +50% potency

activation of any special: fate seal deals energy damage to opponent equal to 25% of ghost riders attack for every buff gained in its duration, additionally fate seal removes any judgement passives placed by special attack activation

(this means that the fate seal AND the special attacks judgement both gain the bonus effects)

passive: immune to bleed poison and incinerate debuffs

signature ability: ghost riders wrath

ghost rider stares deep into the opponents soul, and for every judgement on his opponent at the end of a fight he gains 1 fury buff at the start of the next fight these furies grants +10-25% attack and lasts 15 seconds
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