Still good or out dated ??

TheSaithTheSaith Posts: 435 ★★
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Pulled these two... What u guys think ..
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  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 8,860 ★★★★★
    Both absolutely awesome
  • dirt13jrdirt13jr Posts: 164 ★★
    Greekhit said:

    If you are referring to Magik, her damage is outdated, but she is still super useful.
    That power lock seems to be never outdated 😉

    agreed, that power lock will always find a place to be used
  • rockykostonrockykoston Posts: 1,247 ★★★

    The champ that has never graced my roster.
  • SnuggzySnuggzy Posts: 244 ★★
    Magik is still phenomenal. She'll serve you well.
  • EtherionGodEtherionGod Posts: 234 ★★
    Magik is always great
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