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Magik And Shadowcat

Kabam needs to give Magik a synergy with more mutants. It’s unbelievable how anti-mutant her current set up is. WARLOCK is more of a mutant than her right now. The entire point of mutants is that they all stick together and evolve to take overcome challenges but Magik can’t even do that. As the contest slowly shifts away from classes and more towards abilities and synergies she’s going to start getting left out of more and more interactive gameplay. (Like AQ where mutants receive boosts or the horseman synergy etc.) But beyond this how in the world does she not have a synergy with Kitty Pryde? They are best friends and Magik is even a companion of Lockheed. Plus to add insult to injury Emma Frost gives Kitty Pryde immunity to telepathy (which is one of Magik’s core strengths) I get it Magik’s power lock is cool… but damn she’s nothing like the actual Magik and nothing is being done to make her any more fun to play, any better for act 7, there’s nothing to add to her play style she’s just the power lock cheese god, not even a nullify to NULLIFY magic which is exactly what her sword does. Damn


  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 21,798 ★★★★★
    Magik actually does have a nullify but nobody ever uses it.

    But I agree, a couple of mutant synergies here and there would be nice
  • CapriciousCapricious Posts: 215 ★★
    I actually conflated the effect of nullifying buffs with the “Stagger effects” my mistake on that one.
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