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Alliance Quest Milestone Rewards still messed up

AsmodeyusAsmodeyus Posts: 217
edited October 2017 in Bugs and Known Issues
Two weeks ago my alliance was in advanced teir and getting map four and five crystals, now were back in advanced teir but still not right. Were only getting map three and four crystals. The issue still isnt fixed for everyone, and this also seems like it might be or could affect the corrections supposed to going out for last week. Maps are free, and that issue was already addreased but the glory and crystal rewards are still wrong.


  • AsmodeyusAsmodeyus Posts: 217
    Update: I tried to be polite and civil on my ticket. You gave me a blanket copy if your forum fix and auto closed the ticket. READ THE TICKET AND POST!! The fix you did, didnt work for everyone and there are still screwed up milestone crystal rewards for Alliance Quests.
  • CappyCappy Posts: 132
    Advanced Tier only rewards Map 3 and 4 Crystals for Milestones, always been this way.
  • AsmodeyusAsmodeyus Posts: 217
    edited October 2017
    Then something else is messed up because we havent gotten a map three crystal from milestones for months. Hasnt always been that way for us. Either way should have had someone read the ticket before an auto response was given. Hasnt always been that way, so it was either broken before or broken now.
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