10.8m SG GMT+8 Alliance Looking for 1

Alliance name: Singapore COC Elites (TAG: SGCE)
Alliance Ratings: 10.8m
AW: 3x BG, 3x Tier 2 Wars Weekly (We don't mandate spending items)
AQ: Expert Tier. Top 800. 5x5.
SA: No minimum requirements. 6-20% on most weeks, occasionally 3-5%
Events: No minimum requirements.

We are looking to fill 1 vacancy.

What We Offer:
- A friendly alliance that members help and advise each other
- Guidance towards LoL Completion and Exploration
- Coordinated AQ and AW efforts
- Minimal item expenditure to save cash/units for the better things in life
- Real Life Balance.

Minimum Requirements
- Active and skilled players (To run paths in AW and AQ)
- Minimally 1x 5* R4 and 10x 4* 5/50 or Equivalent
- 4800 Prestige
- Communication, communication, communication.

Alliance Preference
- Path Clearers or Boss Killers
- Arena Grinders (Milestone Grinders are welcome too.)
- GMT+8 or Similar Timezone

Communication Medium: Whatsapp

Contact me through my in game name, xNig.
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