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We are aware that some alliances encountered a bug during this last AQ that would not allow them to start maps on certain days. We know this has impacted your rewards.
We have been looking into the cause of the problem and once we have resolved it we will explore how to make things right for the impacted alliances. We will provide any additional communication in

this thread.

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5* Featured Question

I have decided to try for blade as a 5* when the crystal comes out, but the blade crystal will most likely expire when the November champs are added. Can I buy a blade crystal then hold it until the new champs are added to the basic crystal? Will they be in the blade crystal?


  • ForumGuyForumGuy Posts: 285 ★★
  • Vision_41Vision_41 Posts: 721
    I'm not sure, but maybe check one of a YouTuber's crystal openings that has been saving up featured crystals and see if the new champions popup. But even so, the Blade crystal should come out soon and new champions will probably be added. Honestly, I'd say that it should work that if you save the new champions will be in the pool of an old featured crystal, but don't take my word for it.
  • RedRoosterRedRooster Posts: 337 ★★
    Similar thing was asked and answered in this thread... and in a thread also pre-dating that.

    TLDR; The crystal will still be a 5* Featured Blade crystal, however, if you miss the featured it will draw from whatever is available at the time of opening, not at the time of purchase.
  • Jets44Jets44 Posts: 71
    Thanks for the replies!
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