My second path in Abyss

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After the compensation package came out yesterday I decided to go back into the Abyss and run through Path 2. Went on the blue path on the Trucos map here:

The Squad:
5* R5 Sig 200 Aegon
6* R3 Sig 0 Doom
5* R5 Sig 40 Torch
6* R3 Sig 20 Red mags
5* R4 Proxima for Aegon support (should've brought Heimdall upon retrospect)

The Stash:
4018 units
7 Level 1 revives
7 Level 2 revives
5 team revives
Max stacks of Level 3 and 4 potions
Parry compensation (15 Level 2 revives and 15 Level 5 potions)
354 free crystals

Journey to (and including) the Collector:

Darkhawk wasn't bad. Used the first try to ramp up Aegon for Luke and then used mags. 2 revives spent due to piss poor playing.

Luke Cage was nasty. This was my first time fighting him and I had to slug it with Aegon. Luckily, the heavy intercept strategy ended up paying off big time. Use the fight me coward to make him play in since it will make Luke a million times more aggressive. Bit shaky at the start but managed to finish strong with Aegon and got him to 750 combo. Boosters ideal here. 12 revives.

Dormammu was easy. Used torch without prefight and melted him. If you are in a bad spot it is okay to use dexterity since the degen damage isn't terribly huge. 1 revive since I ran out of hits.

Mephisto was a pushover. Flame on, heal up if you have to, and go bananas. Easy solo.

CMM was also easy. Doom is love, doom is life. Solo.

Ghost was straightforward. Used this fight to finish the ramp up on Aegon. Watch the power steal and you'll be fine. 2 revives.

IMIW was surprisingly easy, considering how much of a pain he was on my first path with aegon. Used magneto and took off 60% on the first try despite some poor gameplay. The basic strategy is to sp2 and then spam heavy to keep the armor break up so he doesn't steal your power. Once the armor break is active, spam sp3 and wreck. 1 revive with Mags.

Fixit was Aegon food, only procced the regen once. 3 revives.

Mordo sucked as always. Used doom and prayed that he didn't evade (which he did, a lot). 4 revives.

Redpool was easy with torch. Don't use prefight so that you have access to despair to reverse his healing. Very satisfying to watch him melt away. Solo.

Korg was a lot more annoying than I initially planned. Used doom and had to play around the rock shield and the shock immunity. Basic strategy I used was to sp3 and then fire off sp2 while the rock shield was on cooldown so he wouldn't shrug my incinerates. Was a pain nonetheless. 4 revives.

Taskmaster was fun. Aegon shreds. Just make sure you don't immediately combo into a special since the defensive AAR can prevent the prowess from triggering. Play well and you'll be fine. Also note that you can only apply 10 debuffs before he goes fully immune, so try to minimize parrying to prevent reduced potency on your bleeds. 3 revives.

MODOK was a bit of an pain. Tried using magneto but couldn't get to the sp2 fast enough and got rekt, so I slugged it with aegon. Heal up so you can take some more power stings before you die. 3 revives.

Howard was Howard. Spam heavy with Aegon to remove the indestructible and watch out for processing and regen. 5 revives.

Hype and champion were straightforward doom fights. Nothing special here. 2 revives on hype and 1 on the champion.

Now Goblin was... a lot easier than expected.

I had to use mags here, so I was expecting to spend a **** ton of units here, however he actually shredded it. Strategy here is the same as the tech minis (sp2 armor break, then sp3 while keeping it up at all times). Play aggressive and bait specials so that the armor break doesn't fall off. Overall, very impressed with mags' performance. 4 revives.

Sinister was a cheese fest with torch. No pre fight here, and bait sp1 to get smoulders from your incinerates. 1 revive.

Now Punisher.... sucked.

Used aegon for my first 2 tries, but he only took off about 10% between both tries, so I gave up on him and used mags instead. Very annoying fight since you need 2 or more unique buffs to deal full damage, so you need to throw sp3 while charging your heavy with mags to deal damage. On top of that, there is lots of block damage from the specials and the class disadvantage node, so it definitely helps to heal mags up each try. Only good thing about this fight is that you don't need the sp2 armor break for this one, so it's slightly less stressful. However, still a pain with mags. 6 revives.

Loki was easy, play aggressive with Aegon and don't throw specials as soon as you get them. 3 revives.

Aegon was even easier. 1 revive with Aegon.

Invisible Woman was a pain without Nick, but I definitely learned from my last time with Aegon, only spent 3 revives. But Nick definitely still has the best time here.

Cull was easy. Doom is love, doom is life. Solo.

Collector sucked as usual. Boost, spam heavy with Aegon and get the fury. Try and deal damage before you die. Too many revives spent here to count.

The Cost:

1760 units.
Every potions and revive in my stash, including compensation.
80 free crystals, which gave me 3 revives and a lot of potions so that was nice.
Quite a few of the medium sized attack, health and champion boosts.

Takeaways and Final Thoughts:

1. If you can play well on Luke Cage, proxima isn't needed. Bring heimdall instead for the cheat death or Nick for IW.
2. Take breaks, as always. Fights are very long and boring, so don't do the path in one sitting.
3. Difficulty-wise, in my opinion it is definitely harder than the easy path due to Luke, Goblin and Punisher. Make sure you are ready units-wise, especially if you had a rough time on the easy path.
4. Play well, as always, and do the best you can.
5. Abyssal chest kinda sucked for me, got 20 more levels on my 5* hood from the crystal

Cheers, hope this helped!
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    Agent_X_zzzAgent_X_zzz Posts: 4,494 ★★★★★
    Nice job! Additional tip for pun2099 get max limber, bait sp1 and get hit by the last hit of his sp1, you will be stunned but by the time he reaches you you wont be stunned then nuke him down, repeat til dead.
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    Grootman1294Grootman1294 Posts: 871 ★★★★

    Nice job! Additional tip for pun2099 get max limber, bait sp1 and get hit by the last hit of his sp1, you will be stunned but by the time he reaches you you wont be stunned then nuke him down, repeat til dead.

    Yeah I've seen that strategy a while back. Didn't have max limber tho so Aegon didn't work out too well.
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