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UC and Class Advancement events

Ok seriously is this bug back again? The frequency of advancement events needs to be retooled, at least for Uncollected (doesn't seem to be an issue with anything lower). It's *insane* how long it can be between them. You miss one and oops, you'll have to try again next WEEK, or maybe in a month or two if it's a particular class you want.

I mean, sheesh!


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    Agreed, I've been waiting like crazy to open a ton of crystals and do lots of rank ups with no class advancement in sight. I think it's been a solid week as of today since the last one. Paranoid me thinks this is on purpose because of all the compensation packages and SOP rewards being sent out and they don't want a massive amount of players milking rewards from class advancement so easily. I'm hoping I'm wrong and it's just a trash algorithm that's causing it.

    Funny part is their game might run a lot smoother if they had more class advancement events going given how many crystals would be opened and iso/catalysts that would be used. I'd imagine that would free up a hell of a lot of server space.
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    MaybeThisIsNotMeMaybeThisIsNotMe Posts: 147 ★★
    How about Kabam makes this a consistent rotation rather than a 'random' one?
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    BlarghBlargh Posts: 38
    Zan0 said:

    Not a bug at all. There is a pool of like 50 something 6h solo event and just 6 of them are class advancement

    You're right, I misspoke… should’ve said "this bad design is back again".

    Personally, I tend to want to dispense with the gaming if I get 3 Mystic Combat events in a damn row.

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