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So after finishing path 2 of the abyss earlier this morning I still had quite a few spare units left. So I figured I'd start planning for Path number 3!

The four guys I am definitely planning on bringing are:
Red mags

That leaves me one last team slot, and I'm a bit torn as to who I want to bring. I managed to narrow down some options, which are:

Ronan (for Red skull)
Warlock (for the Havoks, but I have heard Aegon can slug through it)
Heimdall (for cheat death)

Who should I take? My biggest concern is getting around red skull and the havoks, so I'm not sure what approach would be the cheapest method.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    You’ll definitely want warlock
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    Warlock should be better imo. I haven't seen anyone do this, but maybe Magneto and a few revives should work for Red skull. With his high perfect block chance, it must be much easier to tank those specials if he throws them. Try to throw them with maximum number of prowess, and make sure Red skull is above 2 bars of power? I guess it could work?
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    Also, I recommend using doom for red skull and not mags. I personally think doom is much easier to use, and that increased block pen when you use mags can hurt. Honesty, I don’t think magneto is very needed. I found that mags was only extremely useful in path 2, but maybe that’s due to my choice of team.. Good luck.
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