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Shang-Chi Quarters challenge is enjoyable content if you have right champions!

Geralt_123Geralt_123 Posts: 595 ★★★
edited September 2021 in General Discussion
So I did Chapter 2 challenge today and I am glad cause I wasn't sure that I will pass through it with available stash of revives.
I wanted to do some fun thing using Aegon as he went to sig 200 long time ago but I have not done Abyss yet.
Finally,I used him today and this was really satisfying experience and one main reason was that I went with good inventory of revives and potions.
My team was:
1. Aegon
2. Heimdall
3. Odin(protection synergy)
/you can go in without Odin synergy as well cause I was lucky that I got him recently.He saved me many times but if you are skilled enough you might not need it/
4. Guardian
5. Wolverine
/Reason you know 3 perfect block and this is the most important synergy and you should surely go with it/
L2 revives used:12 in which 9 was used on final path and Boss.
L1 revives used:7
I have recorded my Final path completion and boss takedown video.
You can check it out if you are also planning to do this challenge.


  • Geralt_123Geralt_123 Posts: 595 ★★★
    Lvernon15 said:

    I wouldn’t exactly call it enjoyable, the fights weren’t really anything unique or anything, but with the right options it’s definitely not too difficult

    Actually for me it was enjoyable as last month I didn't went for SOP exploration and main reason was I got slapped hard against Grandmaster so was looking to do something.
  • GamerGamer Posts: 10,126 ★★★★★
    I’m didn’t enjoying it I’m stil enjoying GM way more but again I’m didn’t hav all those dexterity bug of course had it a few time but I’m enjoying gm compared this was stress fully fight isn’t fun
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