Question on business practices?

CainCain Posts: 559 ★★
Not trying to start a giant debate but looking for an honest answer, ideally from a mod. Recently a player said they made a purchase for a 275 unit bundle the other day when there were crystals included with them. They requested a refund and expected to have the 275 units deducted but instead went from 1000 units to negative 499 (a 1500 unit deduction).

Is this standard practice? What would have led to such a large deduction? Is seeking a refund through the App Store not allowed when the player feels they were given the wrong product?

Just looking for answers. Concerned he was charged 5x the units he purchased? Or perhaps while they can’t comment on a specific case they can say, “In these instances only the purchased units are deducted”

Just curious from a customers standpoint what the business practices is here?


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