Casual Alliance running Map 5 looking for 2

We're looking for 2 new members as a couple of long-time guys have retired. We're casual group with guys in Australia and North America. We recognize that life/work happen.

Focus is on AQ - Map 5. We typically earn at least 40 million points per week. We only run 1 bg for AW. Bounce between Silver 1 and Silver 2.

It's a good group of easy going guys that don't take the game too seriously. Perfect for players that don't want the pressure of AW or for progressing players. Average player rating is around 1.5 million.

Ideally, you use/have the Line app. Reply here or message me in game: The Canuck.


  • CanuckDownUnderCanuckDownUnder Posts: 66 ★★
    If you're still looking for an alliance, we have 1 spot still open.
  • Old_Man_TexOld_Man_Tex Posts: 5
    I’m in Melbourne, kind of an okay player but not awesome. Have some reasonable characters but have know idea how alliance works. Cheers, Gareth ( Old Man Tex )
  • CanuckDownUnderCanuckDownUnder Posts: 66 ★★
    Trying to find you in game. Name isn't coming up in search. Search for The Canuck when you're next online.
  • Old_Man_TexOld_Man_Tex Posts: 5
    Sorry, game name is Spider_Tex. I’ve only ever just played solo.
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