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This will affect all Alliances, regardless of tier or War Map. War Season Rewards eligibility will be reduced to 4 Alliance Wars this season.

Vulture Bishop interaction

Pretty sure this is a bug, but I may just be misunderstanding the interaction. Since Vultures buff, hes immune to incinerates, and so he should take no damage from Bishops special 1 ability, however I noticed that I took small amounts of energy damage afterwards, which is from Bishops kit where when an opponent shrugs off a debuff they take energy damage. However, Vulture should just not get the debuff in the first place instead of instantly shrugging it off like he used to, and so I'm pretty sure he shouldnt be taking the damage.


  • VoltolosVoltolos Posts: 1,116 ★★★
    It could be the power overload ability. If bishop is incinerated he deals some damage to the attacker
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