The game team has resolved this issue. Keys will be distributed via in-game messages and the quest timer will be extended.
More information and timeline here.
*This includes currently unclaimable keys as well*
As previously announced, the team will be distributing an additional point toward milestones to anyone who completed the Absorbing Man fight in the first step of the Winter of Woe.
This point will be distributed at a later time as it requires the team to pull and analyze data.
The timeline has not been set, but work has started.

Changing your masteries easily

I'm sure this has been discussed/suggested before, but we need Kabam to implement a way for us to be able to save mastery setups and then switch between them more easily. I would like to see something like a TAB or "save slot" system where you can setup and then save your masteries so you can then activate different configurations based on what you are doing. Not only is this a huge QOL upgrade for people but an untapped aspect of potential fun in the game. Different mastery combos can be explored and tested so summoners can find setups that give their favorite champs some unique or additional flavor. As it stands....summoners mainly have 1 setup they use all the time and never change due to cost, lack of interest or just based on the content they run. If you are looking for a way to spice up the game a bit Kabam....this could potentially be it.


  • ShadowstrikeShadowstrike Posts: 3,059 ★★★★★
    It's already been discussed in the previous road map, their plan was to have it up and running by next spring
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