Proving Grounds Expert Difficulty Auto Complete Not Resetting

From time to time the expert difficulty of Proving Grounds does not reset, meaning I must fully complete all 3 paths to access the auto complete option.

Auto complete of Proving Grounds expert difficulty is something I do a few times a week when I have full energy and know I'm not going to have time to use it until much later, so I do the auto complete to get a few T4 basic cat fragments. From time to time the auto complete does not reset. I'm currently 100 percenting the quest for maybe the 4th time in as many months. I just auto play the fights, but it's a hassle.

This is a bug.
Not sure, but it seems to be mostly happening after Sunday evenings, possibly some sort of weekly reset issue. Data mining will be needed to verify this, I'm not gonna test it.

I play on several different Android devices.

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