Idea : Summoner Character Design Contest

I know how unlikely this is to happen, but I'd still like to throw it out there.

In the light of a string of disappointing buffs/new champions, how about Kabam lets summoners come up with their own designs for champions, abilities and all.

Then Kabam filters through the entries (to remove broken champion designs/ jokes) and puts them up for voting.

Top entry gets turned into a real champ.

I'm aware that they'd be a lot of issues with such an event, but it's nice to dream you know. Maybe someone could flesh out the nuances required to make this possible?


  • Malreck04Malreck04 Posts: 1,708 ★★★★
    Even if it were to happen, it’d probably be one or two champs a year. Also how do you enforce, I dunno NDAs maybe over the Internet
  • ChobblyChobbly Posts: 240 ★★
    I've thought about this in the past, and it would be a great idea of it was legally possible. Everything submitted would probably need to automatically become the property of Kabam to avoid legal challenges and then there would need to be appropriate legals to handle plagiarisms, etc.

    All of that said, would Kabam actually want to, aside from PR? I know Wizards of the Coast have run a 'Great Designer Search' competition a few times for Magic the Gathering. But it does open a door that Kabam as an entity may not want to open. Given the level of engagement and responses given in the Suggestions forum as an example, I would think there's not much appetite for it.
  • ErcarretErcarret Posts: 1,257 ★★★★
    As cool as that would be, I see a huge potential problem if things go sideways. Let's say the Guillotine buff had been community-made and the end result was the same with a ton of vitriol and backlash. It probably sucks for Kabam right now that the community doesn't like the buff, but they are a whole developer. People are mad at Kabam, not at any individual designer working for them.

    Now, imagine if it was a forum user who instead managed to eff up a beloved champion. Maybe the buff looked good on paper but just didn't work in practice. Suddenly, all of this rage that's currently roaring in the community would be directed towards one individual in particular, who does not have the support of a whole developer behind them and just have to bear that burden themselves. Sure, I'm certain Kabam would do what they could to help them through it but by the end of the day that person would still have to face the wrath of the community on their own. They would be put forward as the face of that buff in a whole other way than any Kabam employee is ever put forward, and that is very risky.

    I mean, as someone who does like writing buff ideas, it sucks when they don't resonate with people here on the forum. Even when they have absolutely no impact on the game. I remember writing a teeny tiny tune-up idea for a well-liked champion and people went absolutely nuts, proudly stating that they didn't even have to read it to know it was a **** idea. The thought of that response multiplied by however much a real buff blunder would result in is honestly frightening.
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