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Mephisto ability accuracy reduction ability

So his description says he is immune to passive ability reduction. Does this include every champs with ability accuracy reduction. Would crossbones or archangel work to stop healing or incineration charges?


  • kikobobkikobob Posts: 43
    Oh of course AA can't are there any other options?
  • CoolGuy_McFlyCoolGuy_McFly Posts: 14
    I found Quake to be a pretty good way to go about it. Charge up her heavy and when the magnitude charges expire, it leaves a concussion, which reduces ability accuracy to zero.There's a pretty good video by Rocket Racc on YT called "Revenge on Mephisto" where he kills Mephisto using Quake and not landing a single hit until the end. Stops regen + doesn't let aura of incineration activate. I did it in a much less practical way but Quake was my best option for it
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