Test of Thronebreaker 7D Solo Event Confusion

Hi Kabam,

This may have been talked about but I couldn't find anything in a quick search (Not going through 1000 posts).

How to get points description says "Open a 6-Star Hero Shard Crystal" gives you 10k points. Why are these points only limited to the basic hero crystal? It kind of stinks to know that you can spend 5k more in shards for a feature and get no points toward the 7d solo event. Trust me, I know I will get more points elsewhere but I just opened a ton of 6* feature and realized I didn't get any points and thought this seems pretty strange that you wouldn't include any points from feature crystals since they are all the same crystal shards to get the crystal.

Is there a reason that you wont give points for us opening Feature crystals? I don't expect 15k points but the same 10k for a feature isn't too much to ask.

@Kabam Vydious

Thanks in advance,
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