Isa 5* She-Hulk Good?

Vision_41Vision_41 Posts: 721
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Nailed a 5* She-Hulk during the calendar that gave out a ton of 5-Star shards. Wondering if she was good. If yes please say how she is good, if not please say how she is not as great. Please Vote! Thanks!

Isa 5* She-Hulk Good? 33 votes

Yes, Unduped or Duped She-Hulk is really Good!
devil_jeffhwood1287Vision_41Redwulf67YoungspookyElitehunter 6 votes
Yes, But Only Duped
TulvenViralalata 2 votes
No, Not at All
Etaki_LirakoiwinterthurSolswerdTheLazyKingSpity68CrackhorseScottryanJ_PattPurveyorLe_Marv_8SpeedbumpSky_kittyMasterTroller42RotellyAlCapone2727BUZZdog3000Isman1998PeterStreitDmack976637Zzz 25 votes


  • J_PattJ_Patt Posts: 67
    No, Not at All
    Her fighting style is very awkward, and doesn't hit very hard either, but the major thing going for her is her pummel ability, which depends upon using her heavy attack after a stun.
  • Vision_41Vision_41 Posts: 721
    Yes, Unduped or Duped She-Hulk is really Good!
    Thanks @J_Patt. Very helpful! I did in fact notice her fighting style was sluggish. Her pummel ability should be effective as well! Great help!
  • Redwulf67Redwulf67 Posts: 55
    Yes, Unduped or Duped She-Hulk is really Good!
    She gets a lot of hate, but you can beat pretty much any arena opponent with a few pummels
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