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The team have found the source of the issue and will be updating with our next build.
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LF a high plat ally that takes AW seariously, line/discord either is fine with me

I don't care so much about aq, any map's fine by me, don't have the flashiest roster so if you're looking for sig 200 r3's then go home lol, kidding but for real might not have the most ridiculous roster but I've been hanging in plat for 3 seasons straight now and I can handle it with what I have. If you have high prestige requirements then I might not be able to comply, I have around 10.3k rn as most my 6* rank ups are unduped but I've got a duped surfer and a tier 5cc in the back pocket need be. Need an ally that prioritizes communication! It's super annoying waiting for 6 or 7 hours just for officers to let you know what defenders to place.

If there's any ally's looking for a good player not a pay 2 win with no skill HMU
Line ID: p-ham7
Discord: FTL Cosmic#7763
IGN: FTL Cosmic


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    FTL_CosmicFTL_Cosmic Posts: 35
    Still Looking
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    FTL_CosmicFTL_Cosmic Posts: 35
    Sorry looking for something a little higher still
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    KirklinKirklin Posts: 149
    Most high plat allaince will be looking for members with r3 defenders and decent prestige. Aq is where you get the most resource to get more r3.
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    King_SternyKing_Sterny Posts: 58
    What does "seariously" mean, and how does it apply to Alliance War?
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