Abyss path 3 guide

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Another abyss path, another guide! Went on the red path this time around:

The Squad:
5* R5 Sig 200 Aegon
6* R3 Sig 0 Doom
5* R5 Sig 40 Torch
6* R3 Sig 20 Red mags
6* R3 Sig 0 warlock

The Stash:
4128 units
10 level 1 revives
6 level 2 revives
3 team revives
Max stacks of level 3 potions and 6 level 4 potions
8 level 5 potions
403 free crystals

The Journey:

Darkhawk was easy. Same strategy as the last path, used Aegon on the first try to build combo and then destroyed him with mags. With mags you sp2 to get the armor break to bypass the power steal, then spam sp3 while keeping that armor break up at all times. Also if you have despair you should throw the sp3 while Darkhawk is in his miss mode so that you can trigger the regen and get a massive reversal. No revives spent here, yay!

Luke Cage was a pain as always. Use Aegon, boost, heavy intercept, and use the fight me coward node to make him play more aggressively. Spent 12 revives but got a 750 combo ramp up in return on Aegon so that was great.

OML was a pain at first. Tried once using torch without prefight but couldn't get enough reversal since I wasn't playing aggressively enough. Used mags the next try and destroyed him. No revives here, but used a few potions to heal up mags.

Havok sucked big time. Used warlock so that I could bypass the plasma. The strategy here is to only spam heavies and the sp3 to maximize the amount of damage per hit, however you need to watch out since sometimes he will throw double mediums into your parry, which caused my fingers to go trigger happy and charge a heavy when he wasn't stunned. Be good at parrying and reparrying and you will be fine. Worst case scenario it's okay to take some blocked hits since you can get some nice regen off the sp3. You can also heavy counter havok with your heavy, but be ready in case he evades. Spent 3 revives on the first havok and 5 revives on the second havok. Overall a insanely boring fight, took a lot of breaks between tries.

Dormammu was alright. Used torch (without prefight for some reason) and tried to get in as much incinerate damage as possible. If you want to you can turn off dex here but I managed to slug through without doing so. 3 revives.

Joe fixit was another punching bag for Aegon, nothing new here. Reached 999 combo here. 4 revives.

Mordo sucked since I got unlucky with the astral evade RNG with doom, which would constantly mess up my infinite sp3 cycle. Total ****. 5 revives.

VTD was just long. Doom staggered every single regen he got so didn't have to worry about that. Slightly modified my strategy with doom here. First, standard doom cycle as always (build to sp3 and throw when VTD has 2 bars of power, then MM, LLLMM then throw sp1 to steal power). However if you have Mystic dispersion (I had 3 points) you can then throw a LLLML combo. Then all you need is to either take another blocked hit or charge heavy to stun since he is shocked. Best case scenario, he throws a special attack and you get huge power gain for the next sp3 cycle. 4 revives.

Howard was the same. Spam heavy with aegon to remove indestructible and then wreck. Had to quit out once since he procced the regen at 30% and I couldn't get a parry stun off, but aside from that it was smooth sailing. 4 revives.

Hyperion was easy, standard doom stuff here. Spent 3 revives since he evaded my sp1 power steal at three bars.

Champion was the same as hype expect he didn't have the insane power gain. 2 revives on the first champion and 1 revives on the second.

Now for the secondary main event on this path, Red Skull....

Started out with mags. Basically the strategy is to spam sp3 and throw it once skull has two bars of power to bypass the attack reduction and get the 25% bonus, however due to having class disadvantage it is possible that you might just throw him to a sp3 by accident due to the increased power gain. However I managed to space out the power gain just right on the first try, and managed to have an insane run with red mags, took off almost 2 million health on the first go.

Then I tried doom. Used the standard infinite sp3 cycle so that I could maximize my damage and keep him above two bars for a longer period of time. Hold block to prevent skull from throwing a special and then MLLL heavy to get to another sp3. When skull is about to hit the second enrage, push him to two bars and dump the sp2 for a huge final burst of damage. Managed to take off another 10% with doom on the first go, and after a few botched attempts with mags used doom to finish the fight. Only spent 3 revives here, which is a pretty damn good run in my eyes. Definitely a good fight to boost up imo.

Bishop was easy. Use doom, get to sp3, use the infinite sp3 loop and overload him. Hold block and reparry to prevent him from throwing a special and it's easy. Botched the first attempt so I used 1 revive here.

Korg was annoying as always but I learned from the first time I fought him with doom. Managed to cut it down to 3 revives this time around.

Ghost was easy. Use mags and the same strategy as the darkhawk fight. Solo.

Karnak was fun. Use Aegon, get him in the corner and chain heavies. You can also occassionally hold heavy to get hit into the unstoppable in order to boost your damage. 2 revives.

Collector was Collector. Spam heavy with aegon and try not to die. Heal up and boost for this fight. Again, too many revives spent here to count.

The Cost:
1800 units, all spent on single revives. Still had 3 level 1 and 3 level 2 revives left after the run.
Every level 3, 4 and 5 potion I had.
1 team revive.
100 free crystals. Managed to pull 8 revives across the board along with lots of level 3 and 4 potions so that was great.
Lots of boosts and time.

Final pointers:
1. Mags is the fifth abyss horseman, and there is no changing my mind. He soloed every tech mini on the path and put in a huge chunk of damage against red skull. Definitely consider bringing him for other paths.
2. Torch was mostly dead weight this run outside of dormammu. If you have red mags and a dormammu counter you'll be fine without torch. Void could be a decent substitute here.
3. Take breaks, especially during the longer fights like VTD and havok
4. It is slightly easier than Path 2 imo, but also harder than the easy path. Plan your units accordingly.
5. Play well and try not to die
6. Pulled 5* Omega Red from my rewards, so I see that as an absolute win

Cheers, hope this helps!
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