My fellow players , I have created a new alliance : [RJ9KT]Warlocks. I am leader (RazorJazz9).
1.We need 100k+ Active members for alliance.
2. As soon as we get 20+ members we will start playing map 4 and 5.
3. If any higher rating player 200k+ would like to join our alliance as mentor that would be awesome.
4. Donations 6k gold 5k Battlechips and 5k Loyalty
5. SA 9k+ compulsory
6. Battlegroups will be alloted as soon as members join.
7. LINE is not compulsory.
8. I am planning to make a pro alliance with all boss killers if anyone is intrested please add me here or in game.
9. After 30 players are added If all r 100k+ this alliance will be 3mill+.


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