LFM: AQ 5/5/3, AW Gold 2, Discord

We're looking for some new members to join us in both AQ and AW. We can accommodate up to three right now.

Our main expectations are straight-forward: consistently show up, clear a lane (your choice which!), and don't cause trouble/grief/conflict. Simple, right? We keep things relaxed and largely stress-free. Read on for more!

  • Maps 5/5/3, all five days.
  • The map 3 group is there to give members a break when they need it.
  • Typically 180+ million points, with room to grow.
  • One map 6 group for a week between most war seasons. These weeks usually reach the 225 million milestone.

  • Gold 2 rewards. There is still time to join and qualify for the current season! Not much, though...
  • We normally keep it below tier 5 specifically to avoid defensive tactics.
  • Only two groups, which allows people to skip a few wars. Plan on attending at least 9 out of 12 per season.
  • Off-season wars are totally optional. Most of us prefer the time off.

  • We have players from at least four different continents, so we're accustomed to varying time zones.
  • If you are interested in incursions, someone is generally looking for a partner.
  • Most of us are over 10k prestige, but there's no specific requirement.
  • We use Discord instead of Line. Notification spam is kept to a minimum.
  • This is a well-established alliance, without a lot of turnover in our core membership. We're hoping for new members to become a long-term part of that core.
  • Infighting and drama are not tolerated.
  • We need a new name. "World Wide Alliance" is boring. Ideas?

Come find me (Adjerius#0265) in Discord!


  • AdjeriusAdjerius Posts: 68
    It's too late to qualify for this season's war rewards, but everything else is still full steam ahead. Join us!
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