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QoL Change for any type of timed crystals( daily, free , the special crystals that came a while ago)

Anyways just a suggestion as the category and i take inspiration from the star bonus in clash of clans, instead of the timer stopping at a single crystal, please allow it to contiue upto 2 crystals so 48h for the daily crystals allowing us to claim upto 2 after 48h at which the timer pauses if you still havent claimed the 2 crystals and 8h for free crystal again 2 crystals generated before the timer stops ticking and 14h for the special crystal whenever it comes about. this way for some who does login actively to claim crystals, it will make up for any lost time adding up between the crystal forming and us claiming it. if one does not claim before the 2nd crystal forms then its their fault for not doing it.

Really Hope People in the higher ups see this. I saw this post about tb crystals and someone caliming 326 out of 365 days even thought they login daily and its the same situation with me where ill be missing crystals purely because of the time difference in between forming and claiming the crystal.
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