Stryfe vs CGR

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Ever since their release I’ve wanted both CGR and Stryfe. I’ve recently got both as 5*. I also, right before Stryfe got a 6* Cable (and a 6* Nimrod). I’m thrilled with all of them. As I consider ranks up order , I have limited gold and a bunch of 5/6* waiting to rank up, I’m not sure where to start. I have a 5/65 Apocalypse who I love. Because of that I think I might awaken Stryfe and take him up ahead of CGR. I’ll get to CGR eventually but I really dig the Stryfe, Cable, Apocalypse combo. What do you think? I know I can/should do who I like. But the truth is I like both. Also neither fills a hole in my roster really other than damage dealer. So I’m curious who you all think is worth prioritizing over the other.
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