New Buffs Feedback

For nebula, I think it's 95% perfect. I think all she is missing is more stability with her regen mechanic because it is 100% based on damage taken in a single hit. I think she needs something like an ice armor type mechanic that either prevents the first stun to stop the regen or on a fatal blow gives like a very brief hela/punisher type of cheat death so that regen can work a little bit. Not saying it needs to be for the entirety of the regen but like .5 seconds or 1 second. It should come in the form of an armor up or some other effect that has the ability to be removed by the opponent by like a nullify or armor break debuff something like that. The regen is simply disappointing and always has been despite a good intent behind it.

For karnak, first off I hope that's not considered an overhaul because it feels like a lighter version of a moderate buff like ultron for example. The changes seem OK but it seems like the buff only brings him to be at the same place in the meta as when he was initially released and thats a mediocre utility champ. I'm saying this as someone who used to play karnak an awful lot as he was my first rank 5 4 star champion even when others told me he sucked I liked him. The biggest part that's missing is the cap of 3 charges when to gain a stacking effect from the heavy it costs a charge. I think the ability to go to say 6 to use to stack the heavy effect is what's needed, even if after 3 the charges build up at say half the speed. It did say 3+ in the release so my fear is that it can increase only with a synergy with one of the new eternals, and that kind of synergy with a brand new champion is simply disappointing to see when its for a newly buffed champion. It'd still be disappointing if it's included with say Medusa but I can at least get behind that because the inhuman family has been in the game for a long time and all are part of the 6 star pool and running synergy teams with them is a common strategy so I get that. Should it be part if the base kit of karnak? Yes. He profiles as a mediocre utility champion that is at risk of remaining a sparingly used champion (so why even bother investing the effort in a buff if his usage doesn't go up significantly among the community?). That said, I think the bleed damage component fits the champion focus mentality perfectly and he is significantly better but it feels underwhelming when a couple small tweaks would completely change his usage while still not making him a mega cheat code champion.

I hope this feedback finds you well. I'm not trying to start a heated argument nor am I trying to rip anyone but simply calling out a few specific mechanics that could be improved upon and make for more creative counters to things. That seems to be what Kabam intends when changes are made, to increase the options and make the game more interesting and my comments are coming from a place trying to align with that goal. It does get stale to use the same 10 Champs over and over again and having different options and more strategies to choose from is a good thing.
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