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Too Slow to bait specials

RetroRocksRetroRocks Posts: 67
edited October 2021 in Suggestions and Requests
Hi, just putting it out there.
Not a big fan of the AI tweaks these last few months.
AI seems less inclined to release its specials, makes fights last a few seconds longer , gets a bit dull. I had put it down to me, but after a few months playing for hours it’s definitely slower.
I’m just an average player, but let’s not pretend I might die in cavalier difficulty, it’s just not gonna happen, its just a dressed up outing for my niche class based heroes I never need to use elsewhere , you know old favourites you haven’t yet “buffed” (when I say buffed, please read ruined) like an iceman or a red hulk, so it’s designed to be fun, right!?
But if I can’t go at full speed it’s just gonna make it more dull to play, that’s not fun! Maybe 3 years ago I’d get excited to work the fight and faultlessly intercept and bait. We are well past that kabam, I’m just grinding through for rewards as fast as possible, we both know the game is still a bit broken, we both know I’m just here to get it done and get out again ASAP. I’m an adult, I have a life and am really busy, please don’t waste my day with faffing around trying to get your AI to hit me.
So question is : why do I need to sit dashing back for 5-10 seconds waiting to bait a special that is released on the 4th attempt when a few months ago was released on the 2nd attempt. Nobody wins! Those 10 seconds all add up at the end. I don’t have that kinda time to lose in my life!
Please can we once again ramp up the aggression of the AI please?
Thanks in advance, a very time poor player.
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