Alliance Crystals

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Why do we even have them? I don't get it. They offer 3 & 4 star sig stones, boosts(which are plentiful from solo crystals), Iso(which is rarely 1 tier5). & 2,3 & 4 star Unstoppable Colossus. & What acts as a final nail in its coffin is that there is no variable of story progression.
What's your opinion on the relevance of these crystal in accordance to the current meta.

Alliance Crystals 10 votes

Keep them as they are.
They should to be updated (more Iso & higher star level resources)
Z2f6hQodishika123K_PWill3808Ace2319GrassKnucklesJotaQuest 7 votes
A new sub category accordance to one's story progression
JCC5280 1 vote
Remove them altogether & include those items in to theloyalty store.
ZeuszeroNihalFayaz 2 votes
Other (please mention)
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