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Deadpool X-force overhaul idea

DiablordDiablord Posts: 504 ★★★
edited October 2021 in Suggestions and Requests
X-force armor grants +900 physical resistance
Allowing deadpool to stand still for 1 seconds, refreshes all taunt and poke debuffs.
while opponent suffers from at least 5 debuffs, thier purify ability accuracy is reduced by 300%

Light attacks:
Place 1 poke debuff lasting 9 seconds
If ending a combo with a light attack, then consume one taunt debuff to inflict 3 poke debuffs.

Poke debuff:
Each poke debuff grants deadpool 69 attack rating
Poke debuffs gain additional effects when struck by a special attack

Heavy atttacks:
Apply a taunt debuff lasting for 12.69 seconds.
Taunt reduces opponent attack rating by 40% and increases thier chance to launch a special attack by 90%

Apply a bleed dealing 500 damage over 3 seconds.
Each poke debuff increases bleed damage by 5%

If the opponent is struck by this attack,:
Gain a regeneration buff recovering 70% of missing health over 10 seconds. max: 5690 health.
This attack consumes all poke debuffs and applies a bleed dealing 700 damage per poke consumed

If opponent is struck by this attack:
Inflict a bleed dealing 5690 damge over 2 seconds.
Each poke on the opponent is converted into an armor break reducing armor rating by 400.
If deadpool finishes his dance, he gains a precision passive, which makes all hits guaranteed crit.
if deadpool's dance is interupted by the opponent or the player, then gain an indefinite passive fury increasing atttack rating by 1161.7 attack rating. ( max 10 )

Gain a deadpools control buff lasting for 15 seconds.
deadpools control grants the following effects
Medium attacks are unblockable and unstoppable.
Crits grant a dormant prowess that is activated once sp2 is pressed.
Each prowess grants 20% special attack damage.

Reaching below 25% health
Once per fight gain a regen passive giving 19000 health over 20 seconds.
this regen also grants all hits to be unblockable.

Awakened ability:
Once per quest, after reaching below 25% health gain a regen cross fight.
If the cross fight is active,
at the start of every fight gain a regen passive granting 12.69% of max health over 10 seconds. this regen also grants a fury increasing attack rating by 1020.

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