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AI Cranked

It seems as though the timing/speed of the AI reaction to player input has been tightened to the point that our actions or responses are being too quickly responded to by defenders. Seems like a lot of medium dashes are being intercepted, even the slightest midcombo mis-timing is being pounced on. I first noticed this after having my SP1 & SP2 hits blocked at the end of MLLLM combos. It’s actually as likely I’ll hit a SP after a single hit into the defender as at the end of a combo now.

I suspect that this is due to the team trying to retune evenrything to get the Parry working again. Parry is all about timing the block. The Parry problem is still really effecting AQ/AW & advanced story matches, which seems to be decreasing player engagement.

My post is not meant to be a whine. It’s meant to tell @Kabam Miike or whomever is in charge of gameplay bugs or player engagement that the current tuneup is too tight.

From my perspective the game is losing appeal with regular players, especially mid level players. I’m an Alliance leader & I’m seeing a lot of disengagement & disillusionment among officers, as well as regular players.

If you error on timing issues, error on the side of the player. Your AI tweaks won’t have much use if our players continue to be frustrated because they can’t reliably predict that their actions in game matter- that the AI will beat them to their move.

Just some thoughts.


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    RexnSpikeRexnSpike Posts: 63
    It’s frustrating & good, long-playing teammates are starting to opt out of playing.
    Losing those players is hard on an Alliance. They’re the core that I build around.
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