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Gold 1/Plat 4 ally looking for 3

After several sudden departures our ally is looking for players that can handle map 6.After we get some players we'll be running 2bgs of map 6 and one map 5 with the intention to transition to map 7 in at least one group eventually.

We're currently running 2 bgs for war next season and hope to expand that to three once full.We consistently hit Gold 1 and intend once back to 'full strength' to move into platinum.

We're an Aussie based alliance with a mixture of both U.S and Australian time zones and can adjust for any timezone.We have a great core group of players with sizeable rosters and the skill to match.

If anyone is interested we use line and can message me here or contact either myself(anoobis235) or mark_aust(The leader) on line.
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