Request to have Captain Marvel Revert back to her Un-Helmeted Look

A few weeks ago a poster on reddit brought up this image in a topic about Captain Marvel:

This was interesting to me because since first noticing her in the game I found her character to be off looking. The helmet always has looked rubbery and inconsistent with her armor, like it was added later. This picture confirmed that it was an alteration that didn't fit right.

I joined this game after the beta, so I was unaware of this initial character depiction. Having seen this image it makes me wish she was not altered, since it looks more like she does in the comics, as she is more frequently shown without the helmet on, even in combat or outside of it with other heroes.

Much of the art style in this game is well done, so I am wondering if reverting back to a prior design can be done. This isn't meant to deter from actual updates, bug fixes, new content or other issues, this is just a request to see if it's possible to do, and to see if anyone else felt the same.


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