LFM: AQ Maps 5/5/3, AW Gold 2

We are looking for a few new members to join us in both AQ and AW. Our expectations are simple: consistently show up, clear a lane (your choice which!), and don't pick fights. We keep things relaxed and largely stress-free.

  • Maps 5/5/3 all five days during war seasons, and either 5/6/3 or 5/7/3 between seasons.
  • The map 3 group is there to give members a break when they need it. I did mention being largely stress-free, right?
  • Four heroic modifiers, and one master modifier.

  • Gold 2 rewards, plus the recently improved solo events.
  • Only two groups during seasons, which gives everybody an opportunity to skip a few wars. Plan on attending at least 9 out of 12.
  • Only one group between seasons, when most of us sit them out completely.

  • This is a well-established alliance, with a strong and stable core.
  • We have players from at least four different continents, so we're accustomed to varying time zones.
  • Several members run incursions regularly, and are always looking for partners.
  • There is no specific prestige requirement, but for reference, most of us are over 10k. Some are substantially higher.
  • We use Discord instead of Line, and keep notification spam to a minimum.

Let's talk! Find me in Discord: Adjerius#0265


  • AdjeriusAdjerius Posts: 68
    The new war season has begun, and we've still got spots available. Join us! The next AQ cycle starts soon as well.
  • AdjeriusAdjerius Posts: 68
    We have room for one more!
  • DiablordDiablord Posts: 500 ★★
    Uncollected here, 6.4k prestige, Can not use discord but can use google hangouts.
    I can do map 5 and am very active.
    I do have exams frequently but I will inform in case i can not come.
  • AdjeriusAdjerius Posts: 68
    edited November 2021
    Sorry, we do require Discord.
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