Beta forums access

RillianRillian Posts: 691 ★★★
Clicking the link from within the beta takes me to a forum login page, and then here.

Maybe I’m being blind but I can’t see the beta forums anywhere.


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    EggsandbaconEggsandbacon Posts: 44
    Same trying to gain access to find out if and/or when rank up materials will be available in the beta so that champs can be tested against nodes etc.
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    Robbo9Robbo9 Posts: 51
    Same problem here. Would be nice to be able to give feedback.

    @Eggsandbacon to answer your question though in all likelihood there won’t be. You test your roster as it is, or at least as it was 2 weeks ago in my case. If you have the catalysts you can rank up without affecting your actual account. I took Aegon to r3 to test him out.
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    TobasTobas Posts: 4
    Same with me:
    Permission Problem

    You don't have permission to do that.
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