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Is this the right crystal droprate?

ParatedParated Posts: 27
edited November 2021 in General Discussion
Ive just opened my two 6* platpool crystals from
the rank rewards of the milestone event.

Then I compared to my alliance mate who just got 560 more units with the same amount of crystals (2).

This definitely has to be a bug to me.

Did anyone else else had the same experience as me?


  • FlyGalaxyBombFlyGalaxyBomb Posts: 776 ★★★
    What in the 💀💀💀💀
    No wonder where all my luck went. 🤧
  • Zippy_halliganZippy_halligan Posts: 173
    Just bad luck man, i got 40 units as well lol but they can give a bunch or barely any units
  • Malreck04Malreck04 Posts: 3,323 ★★★★★
    I got a hundred.
  • SnakepSnakep Posts: 362 ★★★
    20 units per crystal is the minimum, though you can get significantly more. You got unlucky, he got lucky. Why would you assume it’s a bug? If your alliance mate got a plat pool piece and you didn’t that doesn’t mean it’s bugged
  • Hrishikesh713Hrishikesh713 Posts: 712 ★★★

    I got little lucky too
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