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need gold 3 alliance for map 4 or can also 3 i am 1 million 600 10000 prestige nearly TB


i need a semi relaxed alliance for gold 3 why not 2 but 3 is ok
i play only map 4 cos it s a good balance game real life for me
i want to play with small alliance 10/25 millions to help in game i can only find 30/40 millions not interested with that i want to help a little one.

i m active i m connected 3 time a day just enough to play my part.
i need to play all war when SEASON on and alliance with people who place def if you play 20 not only 18 who place...

i dont use app like line to chat no need that waste of time for me, if you want talk about def diversity we can do it in game and also now we can press to tell to people to move, i play and have fun i m not her for blabla on line etc... :)


my time zone is EU but it s also fine with US TEAM

you can find me in game : JeanClaudeDusse
i dont reply here.

merci !!
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