S2 Alliance looking for 2 active players

We’re are pretty relaxed Silver 2 Alliance. No stress – but good rewards to constantly progress.

Alliance Quest / 2 BG Map 2 + Map 4 / 50 Mil = 2100 Glory per Cycle
Alliance War / 2 BG during season – 1 BG – off Season (War rating 1196)

We are looking to fill two spots atm – Only main requirement is to be active in the game!

If you decide to join AQ/AW, then help by clearing the paths in the attack phase as good as you can.
Everyone pitches in to gain the best rewards we can.

Sounds interesting for you?

We would be happy if you join us and find a new home with us.

Alliance tag: KR33!
Alliance Name: The Terran Kree
My IGN & Line-handle: Greyblue42


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