Loading Times / Stuck on Loading Screen

I am finding on all of my devices that the initial loading screen & the loading screen between fights is abnormally long, or the game gets stuck on the loading screen?

I have an iphone 7 and two ipads (an old and a new), and I play on several types of connection - wireless network, 4g coverage, or tethered to another device's data. I've experienced this on all devices, and both when on wireless and when on my 4G. My phone is only a couple of months old so has plenty of storage, and my ipads only have a few apps - the memory is barely used.

If I am loading the game up for the first time I can shut the app down and try again - which is an inconvenience but there are no ill effects. If the game gets stuck when a fight is loading, I have an issue. I can either shut the app down and lose 50% health of the champ I was to use, or I can wait what is up to several minutes before the fight will load. I don't know if the fight will load at all though, and several minutes of waiting can feel like a lot longer.

When I am in AQ or AW, losing half of a champ's health is a big blow to my chances of staying alive and contributing to my alliance. I am spending units on staying alive - and trust me sometimes I don't need any help in getting killed, i can do that by myself without being given a 50% health hinderance!!!

Is anyone else experiencing this? I assume I'm not alone if its happening to me on all my devices on a variety of connection types.

What can I do to try to improve this? Is it just an issue with the game?


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