Hawkeye buffs

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Ok his buff seems nice on the paper but i would have loved to see some kind of pre-fight ability where you can choose what kind of damage you will do during your fight (incineration, shock, cold, bleed etc…)

Maybe the possibility to get all those damage type if you crit during your sp


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    I don't know how the underlying systems work at all so take this theory with a huge grain of salt, but I think it's possible that the reason he can only bleed the opponent is that so much of his kit revolves around critical bleeds. I don't know if there are systems that allow for critical poisons/incinerates/coldsnaps etc in the game. If that is correct, you'd probably nerf your own damage significantly each time you chose something else than bleed damage without a ton of extra work for Kabam just for this one buff.

    Either way, I'm happy with what I've read. I'll have to evaluate it further once I get my hands on it but I personally don't have any problem with the lack of trick arrows as long as the arrows he does have do their job satisfactorily.
  • StellarStellar Posts: 957 ★★★
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    Oh he is still doing big bleeds, even bigger than before apparently and he keeps its power drain but well bleed, bleed and only bleed where he could have had more than bleed with its arrow.

    We could imagine several ways to enable multiple kind of damage:

    - go back and hold like winter soldier to switch between different arrows
    - Pre-fight ability that let you choose the damage type for the fight
    - One kind of damage depending on the class of the opponent… bleed to fight science, shock to fight mystic etc…for example
    - one type of damage per sp so that you could have 3 ways to counter your opponent immunities

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    im actulally very happy with what theyve done on paper im a massive fan of hawkeye as is an them making him a better version of himself is a big plus for me i took him to r2 as soon as his buff was announced . an seeing the details now im glad i did if he needs sigs ill put the 70 i have into him . if he plays well as i hope hell go to r3 . im glad they didnt try to over do his new kit
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