Map 5 - time travel?

Fit_Fun9329Fit_Fun9329 Posts: 1,111 ★★★★
Hi guys,

I think I went back in time. I joined AM today and saw the old Human Torch and Thanos from before two years or so? I have to admit that I did not read every single detail from the AM “update” communication but that must be a joke right? I do not refer to the difficulty (void is a great HT counter, especially with 15% buffet) but I wished and expected something new and fresh. It feels and seems totally unimaginative.

AM is already so repetitive and tedious .. this update for AM is disappointing. What do you guys think about it?


  • NockoNocko Posts: 1,357 ★★★★
    We completed M5 today, we're not sweaty boys trying to go hard... we did not properly consider the HT mini, it's been a while... we also had KT as a modifier, which was... not great... We didnt have a single void in the BG

    we got him down and the nameless thanos is a cake walk... We're bringing the Void heat tomorrow. haha
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  • Fit_Fun9329Fit_Fun9329 Posts: 1,111 ★★★★
    Sorry sometimes I forget the correct translation in English for that :smiley: in my language it’s Alliance “mission”, but I obviously meant AQ :smile:
  • ItsDamienItsDamien Posts: 5,427 ★★★★★
    TLDR. They made map 8 and didn’t have time to change all of the maps with updated bosses and nodes.
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