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Side Quest.

edited November 2021 in General Discussion
I really don’t want to be negative with Kabam, but this month’s side quest difficulty:reward ratio is terrible and it’s a fact. I feel extremely burnt out with this “new content” every week.

The matchups aren’t worth the rewards. I love this game and the only reason I complain is because this game was and still is my childhood. I want Kabam to succeed, and I want this game to be as successful as any triple A console game, but this month’s side quest is lazy and creativity has died.

Compensation as well is a huge issue. As Prof Hoff recently said if you give us an inch, we might give you a mile. Free rewards will make people feel like you care, but 5 monthly revives is sad. I miss treasure island, and the immortal hulk event. Please do better, Kabam.
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