Game is full of bugs

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In both my new iPad and Android phone, the game is terrible! Evade bugs, control bugs, parry bugs, and blocking bugs! Had to spend a lot of potions to finish Boss Rush event! Not sure if I can keep playing this game with all of these bugs and faults. Never seen this before when I was playing Injustice or Asphalt! Never seen a game doing all of these maintenance too!

Still not sure why Kabam can't make a good game experience for its users. And why Android has even more bugs than apple devices! They probably need to hire better programmers?

I love the game but I don't play with the same rate like before! Probably if they fix bugs I will be back.

More people are leaving the game nowadays. They are tired! We have four people left the game in our alliance this month. If Kabam listens, probably they can attract more players and keep their current players. Business wise! Quality is what keeps any organization in business! Therefore game quality need to be improved and improved! Quality starts from the VOC (voice of customer) so don't neglect our words! We are the reason why this game exists.



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    It's all about the money. Pump out new heros because they know everyone spends $$ on units to buy crystàls. Bugs will be there and if they lose a few customers hete and there who cares.

    I know it's a bad experience got users but that's just the way business dictates it got them

    And yes if s big benefits the community they fix it right away. If s bug
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    They also don't want to fix the annoying problem of "auto play" keeps activating randomly!
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