Abyss path 4 guide

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Here we go again.... Green path this time around

The squad:
5* R5 Sig 200 Aegon
6* R3 Sig 0 Doom
5* R5 Sig 40 Torch
6* R3 Sig 20 Red mags
5* R5 Sig 120 Void

The stash:
5333 units
14 level 1 revives
16 level 2 revives
2 team revives
23 level 5 potions
2 level 4 potions
Max stacks of level 3 single and team potions
162 free crystals

The journey:

Darkhawk was easy. Same strategy as the previous paths with red mags (sp2 then spam sp3 to reverse healing). 2 revives on the first darkhawk and 1 revive on the second.

Luke Cage was Luke Cage. 12 revives with Aegon. Remember to not ramp him up to 999 because you need him for masacre. I found that maintaining the 750-900 region in terms of combo is best.

Killmonger was a bit tricky at first, but I managed to get it down with red mags. Basic strategy is to sp2 to prevent the reverb and then spam sp3. Remember that KM is not metal so watch your parry stuns. You can also heavy counter his heavy while refreshing the armor break so use that to your advantage. 3 revives on the first KM and 2 on the second.

Now Gulk was a weird one. He was both the best and worst boss on the path. The good thing about him is that you can reverse his crazy healing with void. Just get FOTV and 1 petrify at least, then tank down to 20% without dying. If you get it right the damage is huge. Managed to take him from 100% to the final 25% in 1 revive, although I reckon it could be possible to do it the first try with good petrify RNG and max despair (I only had 1 point).

In terms of the final 25%, however, it was pretty sluggish. You can only deal 10% of your attack per hit, so strong DOT champs are needed. Used a combination of void, mags and torch to get him down (don't use prefight on torch) and it ended up setting me back another 6 revives. Remember that Gulk is not metal inside the abyss so mags won't get the crazy bleed damage, but it can still pack a decent punch. NF probably works best here but I don't have him.

YJ was a bit annoying. Basically his sp1 is unblockable and if he throws a sp2 you are pretty much dead. Used red mags and prayed that the 70% AAR was able to prevent the power stings. Hold block and reparry to prevent him from throwing specials and you will be fine, he cannot throw sp3 as well so no need to bait specials anyways. Spam sp3 and wreck. 5 revives.

Mordo is Mordo. Used doom and infinite sp3 cycle from the previous paths and prayed that he didn't evade. 3 revives.

Mephisto is Torch food. Solo with pre fight.

GR was quite straightforward with torch, basically he incinerates you every 20 seconds so torch takes huge advantage here. Still took a while since he had about 5.7 million health. 3 revives.

Korg was a bit rough as always, but doom got through it. 3 revives.

Hood was a pain. Basically it's GR but he inflicts bleed and poison instead of incinerate. Used aegon and had to make sure that I lost the combo at the end of every fight so that I could get through masacre. Hood also has sp2 and sp3 bias so it took forever to bait sp1. 6 revives.

Modok was easy. Took 92% off with red mags and finished with torch. Make sure you have debuffs on him at all times or the power stings will stun you. No revives but 1 death.

Morningstar was easy with torch. You basically need to land a heavy attack every 10 hits or she will go unstoppable. Other than that, it isn't bad. 4 revives.

Red skull was annoying as always. Used doom and infinite sp3 cycle but he ended up evading my sp1 power steal on several occasions so a lot of wasted revives here. Mystic dispersion ideal here for easy cycling (I had 3 points). 6 revives.

Bishop got overloaded by doom. Easy solo.

SS was annoying. Basically, once you land 20 crits on him you die, so use torch and try and maximize your damage each try. Try not to trigger dex (you can turn it off if you have to) and spam sp3 to inflict the big nova flame and get smolder. Fairly easy to manage but very long fight. 5 revives.

Masacre was surprisingly cheesy. He is indestructible when he isn't blocking, but every time you hit him you reduce his block proficiency and can eventually invert it. Aegon was clutch here due to the crits into block, but for some reason the defensive AAR turned off the huge block damage in the first phase, so use that to hit him and ramp up the charges before going ballistic into his block after the first enrage. Very fun fight with mid combo Aegon. 2 revives.

Omega was easy, just watch the spores. Used this fight to get aegon to 999 combo before wiping him out with red mags. 3 revives.

Hyperion was very straightforward with doom, just had some bad evades on certain occasions. 2 revives.

Karnak was Aegon cheese fest. Get him in the corner and then spam heavy until you die. 3 revives since I botched my first attempt.

Collector was annoying, but Aegon heavy cheese came in clutch as always. Spent the rest of my revives here (too lazy to do the math, sorry lol).

The cost:
1960 units, all spent on single revives
All my stashed revives and potions
A few 20% health and champion boosts (didn't boost up much this run except for the collector)
100 free crystals, got about 7 revives total from these so I'm happy, plus loads of potions

Final thoughts:
1. This is by far the hardest of the first 4 paths imo. Make sure you have lots of revives and units saved up
2. As previously mentioned, max despair is ideal for gulk and darkhawk, but you can also make do with only 1 point like myself.
3. Got 20 levels on the 5* sunspot from my rewards, so that's good.
4. Watch the timers and numbers, especially on morningstar and SS. Last thing you want is to get rekt by some poor mistake that was completely in your hands.

One more path, and then it's off to retirement lol. Cheers!

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