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Super Skrull Rework Concept (Damage Character focused on Special Attack Rotation)

Look, I think the community has bashed on Super-Skrull enough so I know Kabam sees how useless he is. His kit has a lot of potential and with a couple tweaks he could become worthy of the name Super Skrull. The goal of this rework is to give Super Skrull a damage increase, give the player some room for error, and make him good for long and short fights.

A 6 star, rank 3 Super-Skrull has a base attack of 2529 which is quite low for a champ at that level. A character like Hyperion has a base attack 2849. Both are #Size L Cosmic Champs. He hits like a wet noodle and even with 5 furies (each has a potency of 404.64) it only grants him an 80% increase in damage. It may sound like a lot, but honestly the difference is negligible. At 10 furies you still don't even hit 200% increase. You would need the SP 3 aptitude buff but that takes 6 bars of power to get that rotation off. So it takes 45 seconds to a minute to get to his damage which still is not good. You also have to play him perfectly to ensure your buffs don't expire which is quite a stressful and not at all fun experience. Hyperion on the other hand, throw 3-4 heavy attacks and your hitting for 12k mediums. The point I was trying to make was that his furies and base attack need to be tuned up. At least let 5 furies increase is attack rating over 180% of his base attack rating. A small upgrade to the aptitude buff would also be nice.

In order to make Super-Skrull's rotation more forgiving, make his hypnotic gaze ability last longer, and have its cool down reduced. This ensures that a single mistake by the player does not ruin the rotation and the fight. Due to the length of his rotation, one mistake ruins the fight. Another change to give him some short fight viability and increased damage in long fights, is to change the energy vulnerability passive to place an equal amount of these passives as Super-Skrull has buffs. If Super-Skrull had 5 furies, after the falter ends place 5 energy vulnerability passives. To balance this change, reduce the potency of each individual passive. At 6 star, rank 3 each passive reduces energy resist by 1433.33 for 5 seconds. Reduce it to around around 50-60% of its original value and watch his SP2 hit big.

Next is going to be the bread and butter of Super-Skrull's kit, Cosmic Energy Receptors. Currently, you need to intercept like your Swedeah if you want to get those Fury buffs to start a rotation. Currently, his heavy attack has no real use. Characters like Venom and Venompool have a way to re-roll buffs after using a heavy. This ability would fit in great and would make Super-Skrull's playstyle more relaxed. Accidently parry, no problem. Use a heavy and re roll that buff. By the time the heavy attack animation ends, the Cosmic Energy Receptor charge will be reset.

Also, lets be honest, 15 seconds is not enough time to build to just under 2 bars of power. I feel that part of Super-Skrull's improved Cosmic Energy Overload should include a better power gain buff like 10-12.5% of a bar of power per second, as part of his base kit. He needs a new signature ability because 7.1%of a bar of power a second at sig 200 is just pathetic. Another change, allow all buffs to be paused after a successful intercept while in Cosmic Energy Overload.

Let's talk Special Attacks. Special 1, keep the conversion mechanic and the part where the second hit cannot miss or be auto-blocked. MAYBE add If the opponent's miss or auto-block fails, inflict a stun debuff for 1.5 seconds. Special 2 keep as is but, add if Nova Flame is active, match the additional incinerate debuff's potency to that of the Special Attack. Keep Special 3 as is.

A new signature ability is also needed since it was added to his base kit.
For the Empress!

Super-Skrull's loyalty causes him to push himself to his limits, giving his buffs additional effects.

Fury- Gain __ block penetration
Armor Up- Gain __ critical resistance
Aptitude- Gain a prowess passive increasing special attack damage by __%
Vigilance - gain a Determination passive which ignores __% of the opponents armor and resistances.
Undermine - passively reduce the opponents defensive ability accuracy by __%

Since this post is hectic if people want, I’ll make a champion spotlight style post where I organize it like his abilities would be in game.
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