Mephisto health issues (bug)

Fix your goddamn game.

The item supposed to stop de regeneration of Mephisto in the master mode isn't working.

Already happen twice today with WWII, had the item activated but didn't stop the heal.

Btw dunno the original text in English but in French teacher translation is "reverse the heal effects" so basically instead of healing isn't he supposed to lose hp? Cause he ain't losing ****.

While we are with **** description, for Morningstar the description is "special powers can't be blocked if his life is up to 25%" while in fact it's while his life is under 25%.

Are you that bad you can't even make a proper description?


  • OrdalcaOrdalca Posts: 372 ★★
    The reason it’s not reversing is that, while Mephisto is “healing,” he is also immune to damage, like Punisher during endure, or Phoenix during her revive. If you are talking about him still healing when you have the boost running, it switches between on and off every 10 seconds, so you need to watch for it to go active before knocking him into regen mode.
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